Mark Taylor

Strange is a collection of horrible little tales with no answers for the questions it asks.
In these stories of woe, and love, heartbreak and death, you’ll be asked to look hard at the people around you, their actions, their morals, and judge.
Strange includes these six short stories:
Networking: Cas is trying to hook up with some new friends and his in is via social media, but before he knows it, the digital world is changing, and reality too.
Eternal Light: Pandora has a box, and in that box is light. Once the light escapes, existence depends on whether it can be returned.
Dead Game: Jeff stumbles upon a man in a diner in the middle of the desert. He tells Jeff a story of people’s lives, heartaches, and their internal organs.
Elizabeth: There is an infernal beeping destroying any semblance of sanity I might have left. And, and, I think only Elizabeth has the answers.
Inside: When a scattershot approach at education goes too far, the faculty can … experiment.
Total Entertainment: In a dystopian future where dreams are a commodity, Michael must fight for his sanity while retaining the only thing that matters … employment.
Welcome to the world of Strange.