Mark Taylor

Try to do the right thing, just once … and the Devil gets in the way.

Mary is a witch in trouble. She needs the help of a new coven to raise the dead and save the friends she lost a millennia ago. Unfortunately, she gets set up with a moody half-vampire, a lady who won’t say boo, and an overly protective den mother. Great.

Bringing back the dead is hard enough, but as soon as the rag-tag coven get together, the witches face the wrath of a vengeful enemy, hellish minions, and an army of full-blooded, ticked off vampires.

And things don’t get any easier.

The newly-formed coven faces demons and monsters, trips to Hell and the on the light fantastic as they race through Parisian perfumeries, Vegas casinos, and Scottish kebab shops. The Witches trilogy is a humorous, breathtaking escapade of forgiveness and friendship, filled to the very brim with magic, sisterhood, and fried chicken.